1. le Chat qui lisait à l'envers (The Cat Who Could Read Backwards)
  2. le Chat qui mangeait de la laine (The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern)
  3. le Chat qui aimait la brocante (The Cat Who Turned on and Off)
  4. le Chat qui voyait rouge (The Cat Who Saw Red)
  5. le Chat qui jouait Brahms (The Cat Who Played Brahms)
  6. le Chat qui jouait au postier (The Cat Who Played Post Office)
  7. le Chat qui connaissait Shakespeare (The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare)
  8. le Chat qui sniffait de la colle (The Cat Who Sniffed Glue)
  9. le Chat qui inspectait le sous-sol (The Cat Who Went Underground)
  10. le Chat qui parlait aux fantômes (The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts)
  11. le Chat qui vivait haut (The Cat Who Lived High)
  12. le Chat qui connaissait un cardinal (The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal)
  13. le Chat qui déplaçait des montagnes (The Cat Who Moved a Mountain)
  14. le Chat qui n'était pas là (The Cat Who Wasn't There)
  15. le Chat qui allait au placard (The Cat Who Went into the Closet)
  16. le Chat qui jouait aux dominos (The Cat Who Came to Breakfast)
  17. le Chat qui donnait un coup de sifflet (The Cat Who Blew the Whistle)
  18. le Chat qui disait cheese (The Cat Who Said Cheese)
  19. le Chat qui flairait une piste (The Cat Who Tailed a Thief)
  20. le Chat qui parlait aux oiseaux (The Cat Who Sang for the Birds)
  21. le Chat qui regardait les étoiles (The Cat Who Saw Stars)
  22. le Chat qui volait une banque (The Cat Who Robbed a Bank)
  23. le Chat qui flairait l'embrouille (The Cat Who Smelled a Rat)
  24. le Chat qui remontait la rivière (The Cat Who Went up the Creek)
  25. le Chat qui cassait la baraque (The Cat Who Brought Down the House)
  26. le Chat qui parlait dindon (The Cat Who TalkedTurkey)
  27. le Chat qui jetait des peaux de banane (The Cat Who Went Bananas)
  28. le Chat qui faisait la bombe (The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell)
  29.  le Chat qui avait un don (The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers)